Double your tips overnight

Published: 20th October 2006
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"Double your tips overnight"

From: Wasfi A. Samaan

Dear Friend,

If you want to double your tips overnight and make some real money in the restaurant business then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

I am sure you are wondering what qualifies me to give you this information if I am an owner and not a server. For one, when I started this business I had to learn every position in the restaurant to be successful. I served, bartended, hosted, expo, cooked and cleaned.

The other reason you should believe what I say is that I have won many national and local awards in my industry. I have also been published in two international magazines.

Like it or not, making tips as a server in a restaurant is NOT about take the customers order and bringing them the food. That is expected of you. You have to go above and beyond what the customer expects.

You see you have to look at your position as not a server but an owner. You actually have it better than an owner, you don't have to pay the bills and you don't have to spend money on advertising to bring the customer in.

What I'm trying to say is that your section is your own store and that is how you have to treat it. Remember that you have to exceed customer's expectations to WOW a customer and all I am telling you is little things that will WOW your guests. So here are your tips to doubling your profits fast...

So like I did, when I opened the restaurant, I had learned about all the mechanics first and I have to be very good at it.


You have to understand what you're talking about. You first have to be competent of the menu and when I say that. I don't mean just knowing what's on it. You have to know how every item is cooked, presented, and the quantity in each dish. When a customer asks you a question, you won't hesitate and they will appreciate it.

Tip #2

When approaching the dining table you need to create small talk with your customers. You have to build relationship with them. Talk about how nice they are dressed, the weather, and their hair, just something to start a conversation. Most servers are taught to say hi my name is Jane and I will be your server. Of course you are going to be my server. You see when you meet a total stranger you usually don't introduce yourself. You create small talk and build a relationship or something in common then you say by the way my name is Jane.

Also, make sure if the table you are waiting on has kids with them to make sure to give some attention to the kids. The parents will love you for this.


Suggest an appetizer and be specific. This serves two things; first you increase your check average which in turn increases your tip and second people like when someone guides them. Now when you suggest an appetizer don't just say would you like to start out with an appetizer. Right after you say that then you suggest something specific like hot Buffalo wings or our famous quesadilla. So when you are suggesting something you have to trigger as many of the senses as possible.


Reemphasize someone's decision on what they ordered. So if someone orders a sirloin steak, tell them that is an excellent choice or you are going to like that, that is one of my favorites. People like to know they made a good decision when they ordered and they are less likely to complain.

Now if they ordered an appetizer and they receive a salad with their meal, make sure that they get the appetizer before the salad and the meal. Most people don't know and don't want to know whose fault it is. Never blame anyone for something that has gone wrong. Just apologize and make it right and that is what customers want.


Don't auction the food. Sometimes this is beyond your control but when ever possible say what the person is getting and lay it down in front of them. Never hand a plate to a customer. It is rude and the customer might mishandle the plate.


Check back with the customer a minimum of 2 times and no more than 4 times. You want to make sure that after they take their first bite that you make sure everything is cooked the way they want it. You then check back with them after they are finished with their food and last to present and pick up the check.

Tip #7

Sell them a dessert. For every dollar you add to the customers tab. You are adding hundreds of dollars to your tips on a weekly basis. You can even try to get them to share dessert if you have to.

Tip #8

Pre-bussing and presenting the check. Make sure that as soon as the customer is finished with their plate. You pick it up immediately. This tends to impress people the most and not having to ask for anything. Make sure that you are constantly making sure they don't need a refill or another drink.


Collecting the Money. As soon as you drop the check, make sure you stay within 8 feet. There is nothing worse than a great dining experience to be ruined by not cashing out a customer fast enough. This is what will make or break your tip. And never ever ask if the customer would like change. Always say that I will be back with your change. When you do bring their change back invite them back on another day that you will be working. This is what will help build your customer base. As you get more repeat customer, you want to memorize their name and what they drink.

I hope this helps you in your future to doubling your tips. I can guarantee that if you follow all 9 tips that you will double your tips. Most servers tend to prejudge customers on how they are dressed and how they are treated as how good the tip is. Sometimes the rudest person will leave you the best tip and the politest person that praises you stiffs you.

You have to make sure not to let it get to you and to move on to the next customer. It's a numbers game; focus on the good customers because 80% of your tips will come from 20% of your good customers. Don't waste your energy on non-tippers.

For any questions you can email me at or go online to

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